Non-Machine-Readable Passports (NMRP) or Temporary Travel Documents (TTD) are issued to the citizens of Sri Lanka under the following circumstances, if:

a) The original passport is lost
b) The original passport is damaged
c) The original passport has expired and cannot be extended
d) The time is inadequate to obtain a new passport

These travel documents are only valid for 06 months and for a single journey only to Sri Lanka.

Note: NMR Passport is not an alternative for a new passport.

If the applicant's spouse is a foreigner, the spouse should physically come to this Mission to apply for an Emergency Travel Document for the children and the consent of the spouse/partner is mandatory.
When applying for an Emergency Travel Document the applicant should submit the following documents in addition to the required documents for a new passport:
a) Declaration form 
b) Applicant's flight details to Sri Lanka
c) Police Report is required in case of lost Passport

Processing time for issuing NMRP: 02 working days
Processing time for issuing TTD: upon the approval from Colombo

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