An Entry Visa is required for foreign nationals, who wish to obtain a Resident visa in Sri Lanka.

The Embassy requires prior approval of the Controller General, Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka (CG, I&E) to issue entry visa under this category. Please see the Residence Visa section of the Department of Immigration & Emigration of Sri Lanka, for more details.

Business Organization or the relevant entity in Sri Lanka should submit the application for work/ resident visa on behalf of the applicant directly to the (CG, I & E). The (CG, I & E) will then authorize the Embassy to issue entry visa to the applicant.

On receipt of the approval from the Controller General of Immigration & Emigration, the applicant should submit the following documents to the Embassy for issuing the Entry Visa:

  A valid passport (with more than 06 months validity period from the date of arrival)

  Visa application Form "B"

● Two Passport size photographs (35mm x 45mm)

 Copy of the approval Fax from the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka.

 Visa fee RUB 3,350.

*Please note that an Entry Visa for arrival in Sri Lanka is required for applicants, who intend to apply for a Sri Lankan Resident Visa. A visit visa cannot be converted into a Resident Visa.

COVID-19 related entry requirements:

From 07.12.2022 entry requirements related to COVID-19 are removed. Tourists arriving via any airport or seaport to Sri Lanka do not need to produce a Vaccination Certificate or a negative PCR/ Rapid Antigen test.

However, tourists are advised to travel with their own insurance covering COVID-19 treatment and accidents.

If foreign nationals/tourists become COVID-19 positive after arriving to Sri Lanka, they should isolate for 7 days in a private hospital/hotel/place of residence. The cost of treatment/isolation should be borne by foreign nationals/tourists.