Opportunities for Sri Lankan citizens in the Russian Labor market were discussed on April 13 at a meeting of H.E. the Ambassador, Prof. Janitha A. Liyanage and the Head of the Federal Labor and Employment Service of the Russian Federation, Mr. Mikhail Ivankov.

In his welcome speech Mr. Ivankov revealed the main function of the Federal Labor and Employment Service as to protect the rights of workers and ensure employment of both citizens of the Russian Federation and foreigners, which is stipulated for the latter in the Intergovernmental Agreements on Organized Recruitment. In the framework of cooperation supported by the Agreement, the role to determine the needs, search and join the parties in the process of employment is played by the State. The Government guarantees the conscientiousness of the enterprise and observance of the agreed working conditions.

H.E. the Ambassador agreed with the importance of the above mentioned Agreement and expressed her intention to continue work on its signing by the two governments.

Further the Chief Labor inspector of the Russian Federation shared that 1 800 000 vacancies in Russia are waiting for the employees. The most hospitable industry from the point of view of hiring Sri Lankan citizens can be textile industry of Russia, although all industries are open and offering opportunities for Sri Lankans.

At the end of the warm welcome and friendly conversation, Mr. Ivankov encouraged the Embassy to inform Rostrud in case of violation of workers' rights and promised assistance in resolving such issues.