Ambassador Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka paid the first courtesy call of the thematic series dedicated to Latin American states representing growing and stabilizing economies crystallizing from the volcanic eruptions of popular movements of the mid- and late XX century.

On November 28, Ambassador Jayatilleka met with H. E. Eng. Hugo Villarroel Censano, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Plurinational State of Bolivia to the Russian Federation.
Ambassador Censano presented his credentials to the Russian President on the same day, October 11, 2018. Contemporaries in starting their diplomatic missions, the Ambassadors exchanged their views on current political and economic developments in Sri Lanka and Bolivia and were unanimous in noting the importance of identifying and preventing attempts of external influences on the countries' domestic governance and economic policies that are undertaken by the sovereign leaders of their respective states.
Ambassador Censano underscored the role of not only strong but ethical leadership whose example of honesty and determination is a pillar supporting the government development and social agenda, ensuring fair assessment and distribution of the country's natural wealth and profit of industrial achievements.
Ambassador Jayatilleka concluded by saying that Che Guevara would be proud to see Bolivia, the country in which he sacrificed his life, paving its way of progress, with a fair and strong leadership, on the bases of principles Che defended so strongly throughout his struggle. Ambassador Censano informed Ambassador Jayatilleka that Dr. Osvaldo (Chato) Peredo, the youngest to his brothers Inti and Coco Peredo, who had fought alongside with them, was the future Ambassador's colleague in the service of President Evo Morales' Administration.
Ambassador Censano noted that President Evo Morales' latest book had been published recently, and he would be pleased to forward its English translation to his Sri Lankan colleague.